The Vital Code Food Intolerance System

The Vital Code Food Intolerance System is the most comprehensive approach to the management of food sensitivities and helps identify specific food intolerances to aid with dietary wellness. Under supervision by naturopathic doctors, it helps determine potentially physically reactive foods and provides personalized dietary guidelines and food replacement suggestions based on your personal report from naturopathic doctors. Through this, you may be able to eliminate sufferings such as chronic fatigue, eczema, headaches, constipation, back pain and weight imbalance, among other complaints. How does the process work? The Vital Code Food Intolerance System starts with a consultation with a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine, pharmacist, chiropractor, medical doctor or other licensed and regulated healthcare professional certified. After completing the necessary forms and giving a blood sample, you will be provided with the following:

  • A review of your medical issues
  • A review of your medical history

Only then will the process truly begin, starting with the creation of your personalized Vital Code recommendations under the watchful eyes of our naturopathic doctors. To do this, 500 unique foods and food additives will be tested thoroughly to ensure the most accurate results. Approximately one to two weeks later, your personalized dietary recommendations will be available for review by our licensed doctors. How does this help me? Vital Code aids with determining which food are susceptible to your body and helps put you on a path of improved health through nutritional tips and personalized dietary information. Think of it as your very own nutritionist. You’ll receive a detailed, personalized report which includes:

  • List of foods that you may be intolerant to based on our food panel screen
  • Tips on how to manage food intolerance
  • Tips on nutritional and dietary wellness
  • Recommendations for vitamin and supplements
  • Various food recipes which compliment your acceptable foods
  • A wallet card with details of foods to which you may be intolerant to
  • Ongoing follow up consultation with our licensed doctors to support you in managing your food intolerances and help you with achieving long term dietary wellness.