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Choose from our extensive selection of programs and services to customize your health and performance goals.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that is over 2,000 years old. Specially trained acupuncturists insert tiny needles through the skin at specific points in your body in order to ease pain and improve energy flow. While acupuncture may seem drastic, this medical treatment is an effective way to help manage acute and chronic pain and other disease symptoms.

Vital Management offers a full-scale acupuncture procedure for individuals and groups. Our acupuncturists specialize in a variety of areas including hemiplegia, Bell’s palsy, numbness, pain, and more. We can help relieve the pain and discomfort of:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Digestive disorders
  • Insomnia and sleep deprivation
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Shoulder, neck, leg, knee, elbow and wrist pain
  • Allergies including asthma and sinus congestion
  • Influenza and chronic cough

Your comfort and health is our top priority, meaning you can expect safe, gentle and effective acupuncture treatment performed by our skilled and caring acupuncturists with years of real-world experience.

Balance starts to decline earlier than we think; for women in their 40s, and for men, usually in their 60s. Good kinesthetic awareness and proprioception can help reduce falls, a leading cause of injury and disability among older adults.

Osteoporosis, or low bone mass density, affects millions of people around the world in sometimes devastating ways. Our signature Genesis Bone Building™ program is grounded in current research and designed to safely stimulate bones, while teaching people the safest ways to move to avoid exacerbating the condition.

Regular exercise is critical to long-term brain function and performance. Research indicates the best results come by enhancing cognitive function, memory, and concentration.

Exercise during this sensitive time relies on considering the type of cancer, stage, prognosis, and treatment. Our exercise selection and movement patterns are individually tailored in terms of content, progressions, and segment length.

Aerobic and anaerobic fitness are equally critical components at every age in order to ensure enhanced mobility, endurance, and optimal reaction time.

Designed with specific goals in mind, such as strength or cardiovascular training, a circuit is a group of specially selected exercises that are performed in quick succession for maximum effort, challenge, and variety.

A fundamental necessity for optimal long-term health and function, including posture, pelvic floor integrity, and the ability to perform daily living and recreational activities with greater ease and pleasure.

Lifestyle habits such as exercise, diet, and sleep can significantly affect the likelihood of developing diabetes. Optimally timed strength and cardiovascular exercise improves blood sugar regulation and weight control, while reducing heart disease risk and nerve damage.

Improvements to flexibility and range of motion can help ease joint pain, fatigue, and swelling, while strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Prevention and management strategies are equally important. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are available for persons who have recently suffered a heart attack, undergone heart surgery, or have some form of heart disease. We also work with people to address general heart health goals with exercise, diet and stress management strategies.

There are countless health benefits to a soothing massage beyond simple relaxation. Vital Management’s massage therapy integrates various massage techniques to support the needs of your physical condition.

Experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress-related, and massage therapy by Vital Management directly tackles stress and acts as a powerful aid to boost your wellness. Benefits include:

  • Decrease in medication dependence
  • Alleviation of lower-back pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Enhanced immunity through stimulated lymph flow
  • Exercise for weak, atrophied or tight muscles
  • Recovery from strenuous workouts
  • Improved joint flexibility
  • Decreased anxiety, stress and depression
  • Enhanced tissue regeneration
  • Improved circulation through oxygen circulation
  • Reduced spasms and cramps
  • Less stiffness and pain for arthritis patients
  • Better pulmonary function
  • Lower diastolic blood pressure and stress hormones

Vital Management offers a variety of massages performed by Registered Massage Therapists with years of real-world experience, including:

  • Press and Hold - presses and holds certain pressure points for relief of back pain and headaches
  • Deep Tissue - directed at deeper connective tissue to release tight or tense muscles
  • Swedish Massage - uses long, gentle strokes to improve circulation and reduce stress
  • Thai Massage - stretches your body to promote the flow of energy
  • Sports Massage - focuses on injury prevention and treatment, as well as improving flexibility
  • Aromatherapy Massage - controls blood pressure and offers ultimate relaxation

Medical exercise training is the development of safe conditioning programs for clients with medical conditions. This includes the use of flexibility, strength and cardiovascular training to effectively manage and overcome medical issues.

With the right training methods and routine, medical exercise can help you boost both health and wellness - especially if you have recently completed therapy or need strengthening prior to surgery. Our dedicated medical exercise professionals have much experience with post-rehab conditioning and are here to help you from start to finish, including with:

  • Treadmills for cardiovascular training
  • Recumbent bike for proper weight balancing
  • Adjustable bench and power block area
  • Clinical personal training for tailored solutions
  • Wellness program designed specifically for cancer sufferers
  • Pool options for water-based wellness
  • Strength and flexibility training, with specialist conditioning routines
  • Group or one-on-one training, depending on your needs
  • Pain relief for ankles, knees, elbows and joints
  • Decrease in pain and increase in strength, flexibility and wellness
  • Personalized exercise program to ensure the best results for your condition
  • Professional guidance and support; we’re with you from start to finish

Just about everyone can benefit from Vital Management’s medical exercise training programs, including those with conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Whatever the nature of the medical condition you're suffering with, let us show you how healthy and happy you could be.

Functional impairments of the musculoskeletal system can lead to progressive dysfunction, less-than-optimum movement, frequent discomfort, and potentially pain.

Modern scientific knowledge blended with traditional and natural forms of medicine to stimulate the body’s healing power while treating underlying causes of both acute and chronic disease.

The ideal setting for individualized learning, progression, and achievement of important functional outcome measures.

OMT emphasizes the interrelationship between the structure and function of the body. The therapist uses movement of the patient’s bones and soft tissue to treat acute and chronic conditions ranging from discomfort, pain, and dysfunction. Treatment is based on an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, physiology and how each relates to osteopathic principles.

Pilates is a fitness system that focuses on controlled movements to improve flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance in your entire body. We offer innovative and inspiring pilates classes that will leave you feeling fresh, energized and happy. Benefits include:

  • Core strength training for whole-body balance and stability
  • Balanced muscle development, without overdoing it
  • Increased flexibility and range of joint motion
  • Improved posture through strong alignment and core
  • Stretching your body further with less pain
  • Strengthened obliques - more effective than with other exercises
  • Boosted confidence, stamina and endurance
  • Breathing techniques that reduce stress

You may have tried different types of exercise before, or even tried pilates elsewhere but found you didn’t achieve the results you were looking for. When you turn to Vital Management, our pilates experts will take you through the ins and outs of the fitness system, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Not only for injuries, but a great resource for health education. Of course, if you do hurt yourself, are in pain or have a health condition, a physiotherapist will be an important first step in your healing and recovery.

Reflexology is a form of natural healing used to stimulate the therapeutic nature of reflexes found in the hands, feet, face and ears. And while reflexology is currently used in many American hospitals to improve the quality of life in cancer patients, it comes with many health benefits of which others can also take advantage.

Gain exclusive access to the only regulated health professionals in the field of nutrition. A Registered Dietician can create a personalized eating plan to help you lose weight safely, manage a chronic condition like diabetes, hypertension, or arthritis, or learn how to eat for greater energy, focus, and vitality.

We accept a wide range of medical insurance.

A superb environment for social support and motivation while on a shared path to enhanced health and wellbeing.

Our enlightened exercise approach enables us to offer accessible, engaging, and effective programs that help improve functional strength, stability, mobility, and overall quality of life to people with visual impairment.

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises around today. It’s not just for people who can touch their toes or those who are looking to meditate, though. It’s for everyone, including people of any age, and can be practiced anywhere and at any time since it requires little more than a mat.

Vital Management’s one-to-one yoga classes focus on your inner core and overall wellness. We understand that it’s important to be strong and feel strong, and our yoga programs ensure that and more. Benefits include:

  • Less body stiffness, and better mobility
  • Improved flexibility by up to 35% within 8 weeks
  • Improved strength, endurance and muscle tone
  • Greater core strength through abdominal muscles
  • Better posture through increased flexibility
  • Breathing techniques that boost relaxation
  • Reduced stress for increased calmness
  • Lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate

Our yoga instructors have years of real-world experience, and can help you benefit from yoga no matter what your fitness level or age. Give your wellness, inner core and relaxation a boost with yoga classes by Vital Management.

Some people just aren’t made for conventional exercises that tie them to treadmills or weights. Some people are looking for a fun and new way to exercise that doesn't make them feel as if they’re performing a chore. If you are one of them, Zumba from Vital Management is perfect for you!

Zumba is a dance fitness approach that fuses fun Latin music with a high-energy aerobic workout. The result is an energizing, uplifting and unique exercise experience that effectively improves your fitness level. Benefits include:

  • A fun and exhilarating workout for your whole body
  • Enhanced weight loss and body conditioning
  • Energized body and strengthened core
  • Toned back, abdominals and lower body muscles
  • Improved health and a leaner body

Our Zumba experts will guide you through the steps with both up and down tempo music, so you’ll break a sweat no matter what. Not to mention that Zumba is for all shapes, sizes and ages and you don’t need any experience at all.