Medical Exercise

Medical fitness programs tailored to speed your recovery

Vital Management understands that, as a client with a medical condition, boosting your fitness level and wellness can be quite challenging, not to mention that misguided exercises and workouts can lead to even more serious injuries, taking away both your time and vitality.

This is where Vital Management’s Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) comes in. A Medical Exercise Specialist is a certified practitioner for Medical Exercise Training who customizes fitness programs for clients with medical conditions, to effectively improve their health and wellness using strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training to manage medical conditions.

Benefits of working with a Medical Exercise Specialist from Vital Management include:

  • Safe and effective fitness assessments on clients with medical disorders
  • 12-point musculoskeletal screening on a medical exercise/post rehab client
  • Understand the related anatomy, pathology and biomechanics of common medical conditions, for a smooth road to recovery
  • Understand how common medical conditions respond to exercise
  • Safe and healthy conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders
  • Effective medical exercise techniques for upper and lower extremity and spine condition
  • Relationships with medical professionals and insurance carriers in the local community
  • Identify the red flags and warning signs that indicate the client is in need of evaluation or treatment from a licensed medical professional.
  • Understand the role and scope of practice for the medical exercise professional when working with post rehab and medical exercise clients.
  • Perform a functional assessment on the post rehab client to determine the client’s functional abilities as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of the post rehab program
  • Document both assessment and training sessions using standardized medical exercise administrative forms and methods.

Some of the conditions our Medical Exercise Specialists are trained to manage with exercise include:

ACL Rupture
Ankle Fracture Lumbar
IT Band Syndrome
Total Knee Replacement
Total Hip Replacement
Frozen Shoulder
Cardiovascular Disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis Elbow
Disc Herniation
Cancer Rehab
Spinal Stenosis
Patello-Femoral Syndrome
Cervical Disk Herniation
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cerebrovascular Accident
Achilles Tendon Rupture
Cervical Strain
Spinal Fusion
Parkinson’s Disease
Rotator Cuff Tear
AC Joint Separation

If you’re faced with any of the above conditions, a Medical Exercise Specialist from Vital Management can help. We give you the support you deserve to get better and feel happier.

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