Programs & Services

Vital Management offers a variety of Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle solutions designed with the unique needs of your organization in mind.

The Vital Management team take into account your employees’ health conditions, the nature of their jobs, their work environment, geographical location and other risk factors in order to consider the optimum set of Biometric Screenings and Health Assessments to help screen their health and reduce future healthcare expenses.

These screenings include everything from head-to-toe General Physical Health Assessments to support preventative health, to Nutrition and Weight Management Plans, Executive Health Programs tailored to prompt optimum vitality and fitness, and Psychological Consultations that provide guidance and support in dealing with sensitive and personal issues. We can also provide sight and hearing assessments, vaccinations, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and physiotherapy.

If you already cover calls and data packages for your employees’ cell phones, why not equip them with a dedicated fitness app and motivate them to be healthy? Vital Management provides Customized Corporate Apps that turn your team’s smartphones, computers and tablets into personal trainers. The Vital Trainer app offers over 3,000 workouts guided by dynamic audio and visuals, and gives aspiring health enthusiasts an easy way to exercise, regardless of how little time they have, where they are, or what equipment they have on hand.

Vital Trainers’ convenient interface and user experience allows staff to create their own workouts and share progress with colleagues and friends - making it easy to get employees hooked on fitness, encouraging healthy competition and boosting their health and wellness. You’ll enable staff to channel their energy into health improvements instead of office gossip, and their better wellbeing will keep productivity high and healthcare costs low.

Ergonomic solutions from Vital Management are intended to help ensure that your workplace is as employee-friendly as possible, by making sure that its design is suited to human needs and geared towards optimum performance. This helps to eliminate the occurrence of problems such as eyestrain, back pain, neck pain and other syndromes caused by repetitive activities.

The Vital Management team works with you to minimize all these persistent problems, while boosting employees’ concentration and productivity. We will conduct an ergonomics evaluation of your current office space, and recommend changes for implementation. Our experience shows that even small modifications, like color and intensity of lighting, can make a big difference.

Few activities can empower your management team as much as our Executive Wellness Retreat adventures. Tailored to fulfil your team’s specific needs and preferences, our retreats are designed to instil lasting changes, strong commitment and genuine improvements in your employees’ lives. Our aim is for the positive energy felt during the excursions to proliferate into the core of your working environment and culture; teamwork and mutually beneficial cooperation will do wonders for productivity, which in turn will contribute to continuous revenue growth.

Retreats can be offered as a reward for top performers and management teams, as well as being used to prepare the most valuable members of your team for upcoming busy periods, by helping them to de-stress, re-energize and get motivated to perform as a team. Trips can last for anything from a day to a week, and can include team-building activities, meditation, life balance and nutrition discussions, outdoor aerobic exercise, team yoga and pilates, relaxing and therapeutic massage therapy, guided beach and nature walks, and much more. We can even focus a retreat on one specific area, for example by running a full-scale yoga retreat.

Treat your employees to trustworthy, science-based advice that is customized to their specific health goals and conditions from a Registered Dietician, the only regulated health professionals in the field of nutrition.

Ask us about one-on-one consultations, condition-specific eating plans, nutrition newsletters and workshops to achieve a host of goals such as: improved energy and concentration, weight loss, healthier snacking, and an overall boost to vitality and quality of life.

We accept a wide range of medical insurance.

Vital Management’s Speakers Bureau includes motivational health and wellness experts who travel the world to participate in international industry, NGO and corporate events. From celebrity coaches to highly recognized medical professionals, they can raise your employees’ awareness of important health issues, while leaving your team equipped with the tools and motivation to lead healthier lives. When your staff are properly informed about the illnesses they are at risk of, they make better lifestyle choices - which lead to improved wellness for them, greater levels of productivity for your organization, and lower healthcare costs for everyone.