Risk Management Services

Risks you shouldn't ignore


As a company, you carry out a risk assessment of your big projects to minimize the factors that can negatively affect your bottom line. Needless to say, this is vital. But are you applying risk management techniques to your corporate environment and your staff?

Vital Management’s Corporate Risks Department brings you a completely customizable corporate risk management solution that includes:

  • Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) - specially developed to suit your corporate requirements and may be conducted either in person or online
  • Minimization of risks related to unfavorable working conditions - increased stress levels and decreased employee morale (e.g. lowering productivity and efficiency; increased turnover rate; and other factors influencing the corporate bottom line)
  • Prevention plans for occupational risk - including realistic action plans and all follow-up elements
  • Modern and efficient tools to raise employee awareness - including email campaigns, infographics, videos, top managers’ statements, etc.
  • Customized risk and personal protective equipment
  • Statistical data analysis - with recommendations including scores, creation of risk factors, and impact measurement of preventive actions.

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