Onsite Programming

More than you ever expected


Let us surprise you with the potential of your corporate fitness center! As well as ensuring that your staff get to workout and stay healthy, corporate fitness and wellness facilities can boost employee morale and team spirit by introducing creative programs, challenges and more.

Vital Management offers development of the following programs for your fitness facility:

  • Various strength and cardio group classes, suitable for all fitness levels
  • Mind-body connection workouts and practices to boost creativity and reduce stress while improving fitness levels (various types of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation)
  • Team challenges and competitions
  • Fun dance workouts (Latin, Zumba, Bollywood, breakdance etc.)
  • E-workouts: Circuit training exercise breakdowns and workout schedules sent out to your staff via email (weekly or monthly)
  • Arranging ad hoc corporate fitness events and bringing in celebrity instructors to spice up your corporate fitness

Onsite fitness programs from Vital Management are designed, developed and implemented with your company’s unique requirements in mind.

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