Facility Management

Get the most out of your corporate fitness facility


Running a corporate fitness facility effectively takes a great deal of knowledge and time. So why not have professionals do it for you?

By partnering with Vital Management to manage your corporate fitness facilities, you can rest assured knowing that your employees and your fitness center are in great hands!

Our team brings together the best industry specialists who know how to get the job done while delivering excellence in customer service. The quality and standards we set for your corporate fitness center will ensure a better return on the investment your company has made  in its corporate wellness program.

Vital Management has a proven track record in boosting employee participation in our corporate clients’ fitness programs. With our guidance, attendance rates at our corporate fitness facilities have risen from a modest 7-9% to over 40% across the board.

As part of our Corporate Fitness Facility Management Services, we will:

  • Identify the proper equipment to help support the unique needs of your employees
  • Ensure that your facility offers safe and effective programs
  • Get the best trainers and fitness professionals to work with your staff
  • Plan short-term fitness programs to bring variety and fun into your facility (e.g. 3-month yoga course, Pilates challenge, Zumba, or BellyFit) based on your employees' preferences, feedback and your corporate needs.
  • Provide advice, recommendations and support in all aspects of your corporate fitness program and facility.

Contact us today to step up your corporate fitness!