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About VM Financial (VMF)

VM Financial uses our partnerships with a dynamic network of fellow professionals in order to arrange financing and management services for commercially viable business projects. We work with professional communities across the globe to give budding entrepreneurs the tools they need in order grow their unique business.

One of our fundamental beliefs is in the power of agility and adaptability, which is why since the 1980s we have focused on ensuring that our service offerings develop to suit our changing needs. We adopt a single-point-of-contact business model to overcome the challenges of growing enterprises, which traditional financial providers are ill-equipped to provide. This is complemented by the wide scope of specialist knowledge, adherence to stringent confidentiality guidelines, and dedication to customer service excellence of our team of industry leaders.

Our portfolio of services is intended to meet and exceed the needs of emerging and existing businesses. We know our clients expect us to respond rapidly, offer meaningful business intelligence, and provide an unrivalled wealth of industry experience - and that’s exactly what we do. We help our clients to cross geographical boundaries, cultural differences, language barriers, and time zones, all of which enable businesses to surpass the competition by implementing complex strategies within unfamiliar legal systems overseas. Our centralized communication and information systems allow us to competently handle the myriad of difficulties that can arise when dealing with third parties in far-flung locations - meaning our clients can achieve and succeed in ways they never imagined possible.

What can VM Financial offer your business?

VMF offers a complete business startup package and have extensive experience in this area of financing. We help small business owners and entrepreneurs confront the often overwhelming challenges of securing sufficient financing.

VMF provides funds to businesses in the startup phase or first 12 months of sales to invest in:

  • Working capital to supplement an existing line of credit
  • Fixed assets
  • Fund marketing and startup fees
  • A franchise purchase
  • Consulting services

To qualify for financing clients must:

  • Demonstrate realistic market and sales potential
  • Present a solid business plan
  • Have experience or expertise in their chosen field
  • Demonstrate key personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Have a competent management team
  • Have a reasonable financial investment in the enterprise
  • Provide personal and credit references


VMF offers a Small Business Program (SBP) which provides technical assistance for companies that require Government Certification, SBA, Bid and Bond completed applications, contract maintenance, and accounting and disbursement services. This in turn allows the client to comply with procurement regulations, as well as creating new jobs and boosting business and industrial development.


VMF is pleased to be able to offer our clients financing in this forward-thinking area.

Short term contract financing is aimed at new economy businesses who:

  • Are in the early stages of development
  • Exhibit a real potential for growth
  • Have a management team who show signs of excellence
  • Can prove the existence of verifiable orders or contracts
  • Hold the title of General Contractor (GC), Prime Contractor or subcontractor
  • Display potential for high margins, prospect of growth, and a clear market niche


VMF’s Factoring Services are available for companies based in Canada and the United States.

Some of the benefits of using VM Financial’s Factoring and Purchase Order Financing:

  • No financials
  • No monthly minimums
  • No invoice minimums
  • Accounts can be set up in 3 to 5 working days
  • Funding is normally received 24 hours after account setup
  • Clients are better positioned to increase sales while meeting business expenses
  • Invoices from approved customers are usually funded within 48 hours
  • Factoring and purchase order financing programs provide funding or guarantees to pay suppliers
  • Accelerated cash flow provides the funds to cover payroll, rent, taxes and other critical business expenses

Who do we work with?

Manufacturing companies Medical supply companies
Trucking companies IT consultants
Transportation brokers Insurance adjusters
Technology companies Landscaping companies
Security guard companies Import companies
Resellers Distributors and wholesalers
Software companies Oil and gas industry companies

Getting started is simple. Simply provide the following documents:

  • An accounts receivable aging report
  • A customer list with credit limit request
  • Copy of articles of incorporation or trade name filing
  • Copies of purchase orders or rate confirmation agreements
  • Copies of sample invoices to factor
  • Requests of $250,000 and above require current financials and an accounts payable aging report
  • Requests of $500,000 and above require current financial statements dating back 2 years, accounts payable aging reports and a master customer list


A specially developed program, we aim to offer support for female-owned businesses during the early stages of their growth.

VMF’s Female-Owned Business Program provides:

  • Business development training and counseling
  • Financing of up to $25K to new businesses
  • Financing of up to $50K to existing businesses

The Female-Owned Business Program is aimed at businesses who:

  • Have a business proposal that displays potential for growth and success
  • Have a verifiable contract
  • Are owned by a woman

Female-Owned-Business_01 (1)

VMF removes the complexities of dealing with investment transactions for offices, industrial plants, retail stores, residential properties and hotels. Our established, non-biased relationships with fellow professionals in the international financial community enable us to arrange purchases, sales, sale/leasebacks, refinancing and mortgage placement. Our clients include corporations, institutions and private individuals.

VMF staff have extensive experience in dealing with franchising across a breadth of product and service industries. Over the course of time our professional advisors have acquired the expertise and knowledge that enables them to confidently offer legal advice covering all the aspects of acquiring and operating a prosperous franchise.

It is crucial to back any franchise business with a strategic plan for growth and the correct documentation. This vastly increases the chances of the operation’s success and drastically reduces the risk of issues arising or errors occurring in franchise documents that dictate the way relationships with suppliers, employees and franchisees are conducted.


Genesis is an emerging leader in a new era of bone health awareness and education. The company provides critical evidence-based, protocol-specific medical exercise programming suitable for the men and women diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, or individuals wanting to prevent or manage the condition.

Founder Jo-Ann James, Medical Exercise Specialist, BoneFit™ educator specialist, and Osteoporosis Canada speaker has worked for over three decades with health, fitness, and medical professionals to ensure the information and services they provide to their clients and patients is compliant with current research and clinical guidelines.


Whether a client is starting a full or part-time home based business as a response to losing their job or as a means of generating another revenue source, VMF has the micro-business expertise to help them succeed.


VMF works across all industry verticals and with everyone from emerging startups to companies that are currently mid-market and wanting to grow or restructure their business. We take the time to understand our clients’ business models and look carefully at their plans to discern whether or not they need to increase funding to effectively achieve their goals.

VMF’s Investment Banking services include:

  • Financial restructurings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management buyouts
  • Divestitures
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Financing placement

Our Investment Banking and Corporate Finance products include:

  • Senior debt including revolving lines
  • Subordinated debt and mezzanine debt
  • Factoring
  • Equity


VMF’s experienced location consulting team pinpoint the correlation between current market conditions and our clients’ specific, and often complex, requirements. At VMF we are well versed at identifying and evaluating suitable locations in both major and secondary markets.
Luxury Yachts provides a full range of personalized services to a clientele composed primarily of discerning boat owners moving to new or larger motoryachts, L.R.C's, motorsailers and megayachts. Our accomplished agents search the world to offer the finest opportunities in yacht ownership to our clients. Representing buyers, our firm facilitates every phase of the transaction from international yacht search through assistance with private, institutional or off-shore financing. We specialize in out-of-state deliveries. As your listing broker, each yacht is afforded a customized advertising campaign utilizing internet marketing, yachting magazines, print advertising, participation in the world's premiere international multiple listing service (BUC International Corp) and a worldwide client base. Our management and staff backs up the sales force with scrupulous attention to detail, prompt responses to all questions and meticulous follow through which makes the process of purchasing or selling your yacht a pleasure. Our files are filled with letters of appreciation from satisfied clients acknowledging our excellent staff.


Utilizing a practical approach that aims to quickly and effectively solve the challenges faced by new, emerging and existing businesses, VMF offers a wide range of management services. Our clients are located throughout the United States and partner with us in order to develop business acumen and management skills that help them attain their goals.


VMF is pleased to partner with Matrix CMD, a relationship that empowers new and existing organizations with more than 3 decades of corporate communications experience. Together we help businesses grow their brand awareness – and their bottom line – by developing a relatable image and an effective marketing strategy.

For a business to achieve long term success it is essential that they create a corporate image that talks to their clients by working on all levels, from business cards and signage to advertising and internet presence, and that’s where we can help.


VM Financial’s executive management team members have a wealth of broad experience and expertise. We identify opportunities and implement projects that will increase your company’s viability and give you the tools you need to encourage and grow your productivity and profitability.

Our People
Chairman – Forrest Greene (US)
Only Financial Officer (OFO) – Angela Hill (US / CDN)
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) – Aretha Holly (US)
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) – Amanda Curtain (US)
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) – Cara Van (US)
Commercial Credit Analyst (Senior) – Brock Lee (US)
Commercial Loan Manager (Senior) – Adam Baun (US)
Corporate Development & Marketing – Drew Saul (US / CDN)
Corporate Development & Marketing – Karlene Nation (CDN / OneNation Media Group)
Creative & Brand Identity – La Rue Shields (CDN / Matrix CMD)
Communications – Joseph Goden (CDN / Videographer)
Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) – Jo-Ann James (CDN / Genesis Inc.)
Gerontologist – Michelle Gillis (MA) – (CDN)

OneNation Media Group is a full service company that focuses on getting you media coverage for your big events. OneNation Media Group organizes press conferences, produces corporate videos and prepares educational and promotional materials for the public, national trade shows and special events.

Karlene Nation, its President, is a broadcast journalist with more than twenty years of experience as a news reporter and producer. She was a reporter and producer with CTV News in Toronto. Ms. Nation has held stints with CBC, Canada AM, CTV National, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star as a business reporter. Ms. Nation helped to launch Bell Media’s community channel — Bell Community TV.


Our experience means that the team at VMF are adept at controlling all aspects of a project’s development. From evaluating sites, and selecting and acquiring them to the construction process and leasing of contracted professionals, we take care of everything. We only ever work with people who have extensive proven experience in development, finance and construction management so that we are confident we can work together towards the successful conclusion of a project.

Clients looking for a team of real estate specialists who are able to offer property portfolio analytics and make strategic recommendations in investment transactions for offices, industrial plants, retail stores, residential properties and hotels should look to VMF. We also deal in land development. We are not a licensed mortgage lender or broker but we work closely with a select group of mortgage companies to offer our corporate and individual clients portfolio management and commercial mortgages.VMF partners provide mortgages for the following:

  • On/offshore income properties
  • Offshore commercial properties
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial and retail plazas
  • Office buildings and stores
  • Retirement homes
  • Nursing homes and stores

Commercial Mortgage Loans General Documentation

Executive Summary Submission for Review

  • 3 most recent years tax returns – both personal and business
  • Extensions for any filings – if applicable
  • 3 most recent month’s bank statements – both personal and business
  • Personal financial statements – updated within last 60 days
  • Year-to-date business operating statements – if applicable
  • Year-end business operating statements if business tax returns are on extension
  • Personal resume – required for investment properties if self-managed
  • Property management resume, or letter of credentials, if property is professionally managed
  • Letter of explanation for derogatory credit, including: slow pays, charge-offs, liens, judgments, child support
  • Schedule of real estate holdings – include purchase date, purchase price, and current mortgage amount
  • Subject property rent roll – if not 100% owner occupied – if property is owner occupied and held in a different entity, i.e. LLC, and leased back to the business, then rent roll and copy of the lease must be provided
  • Subject property leases – see above for owner occupied property
  • Subject property income and expense statements, including year-end and year-to-date
  • For investment property with single or anchor tenant, include tenant financial statements


VMF offers two programs for startups: Youth Venture Capital, which covers a year round business, and Student Venture Capital, which helps a student start a summer business. We are always excited to work with young entrepreneurs and help them realize their dreams and create an often much needed revenue stream.
Clients about to conduct a merger or acquisition, a tax assessment, or the sale of machinery, equipment or real estate will benefit greatly from VMF’s appraisal and valuation services which include accurate reports delivered in a timely manner.

We have designed our working capital solutions to meet the needs of two principal client types:

  • Growing companies that need additional capital to fuel their growth and take advantage of additional business opportunities
  • Companies looking for refinancing, or the restructuring, of their existing financial structure

The Working Capital process

  • The client submits an executive summary stating their requirements, credit standing and pertinent financial information
  • VMF reviews this summary
  • We propose a comprehensive, customized solution that meets the client’s unique needs
  • Solutions are normally a combination of financial products from different financial institutions, such as term loans, asset-based financing, revolving lines, factoring or other receivables financing

We are always happy to discuss requirements. To arrange a confidential consultation, please get in touch.

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