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VMF Capital arranges financing and provides management services for commercially viable business projects, thanks to our partnerships with a dynamic network of fellow professionals.

Our focus is on giving budding entrepreneurs the tools they need in order to grow their unique business. Encompassing financing, consulting services and securitization, we work with professional communities across the globe. Programs & Services we can provide include those below.

Are you thinking of opening your own fitness facility for your staff, rather than paying every month for expensive fitness club memberships?

Vital Management is your unique solution for management and maintenance of your on-site fitness facilities and corporate fitness programs. Our experienced fitness professionals are here to help you create a motivating, healthy and invigorating environment for your employees and to increase user satisfaction of your corporate fitness facility. More about Corporate Recreation Management.

Running a corporate fitness facility effectively takes a great deal of knowledge and time. So why not have professionals do it for you? By partnering with Vital Management to manage your corporate fitness facilities, you can rest assured knowing that your employees and your fitness center are in great hands.

Our team brings together the best industry specialists, who know how to get the job done while delivering excellence in customer service. The quality and standards we set for your corporate fitness center will ensure a better return on the investment your company has made in its corporate wellness program. More about Facility Management Training

Establishing a corporate fitness center isn't easy, and you’ll likely have all manner of questions around how to best execute your plans. Vital Management can help. We help take care of the day-to-day details so that, whether you are the business owner or HR manager, you can get back to all the other vital tasks you need to deal with. We will:

  • Develop initial projections based on budget, your requirements, and staff preferences
  • Source three quotations in order to ensure you get the best possible value for money
  • Assist in finding and remodeling the right premises for your facility
  • Recommend the direction your facility should take, and appropriate layout and equipment
  • Ensure your brand and corporate identity are properly incorporated
  • Manage contractors and suppliers on your behalf
  • Prepare internal communications to ensure your project is a success

More about Facility Design & Development

We take pride in serving our long-term clients ranging from smaller organizations of 500 employees to larger international companies with over 30,000 employees. Every client’s needs vary based on their demographics, population, interests and the health of their organization.

Whether you are looking to enhance your current wellness program, open up an onsite fitness center, begin an employee health screening program, or need consultation on your athletic complex, Vital Management has the proven track record of success. More about Industries.

Let us surprise you with the potential of your corporate fitness center! As well as ensuring that your staff get to workout and stay healthy, Vital Management’s corporate fitness and wellness facilities can boost employee morale and team spirit by introducing creative programs, challenges and more. Designed with your needs in mind, these include:

  • Various strength and cardio group classes, suitable for all fitness levels
  • Mind-body connection workouts and practices to boost creativity and reduce stress
  • Team challenges and competitions
  • Fun dance workouts including Latin, Zumba, Bollywood and breakdance
  • Circuit training and workout schedules sent by email weekly or monthly
  • Ad-hoc corporate fitness events with celebrity instructors

More about Onsite Programming

Everyone knows you need to carry out risk assessments on your big projects, in order to minimize the factors that can negatively affect your bottom line. But are you applying risk management techniques to your corporate environment and your staff? Vital Management can equip you with a customizable Risk Management solution that includes:

  • Health Risk Appraisal - online or in person and tailored to your corporate requirements
  • Risk minimization - including stress, poor morale, and other factors
  • Prevention plans - realistic action plans and follow-up on occupational risks
  • Employee awareness - campaigns to raise employees’ awareness
  • Protective equipment - customized tools to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Data analysis - with measurement and recommendations for future action

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