Although I’ve been consistently making time in my busy schedule to workout and know the benefits of exercise, I didn’t expect our corporate wellness program to bring such amazing results! Over the six months that we’ve been working with Vital Management and using their corporate fitness recommendations, the number of sick days taken by our staff has significantly decreased.

Senior Manager
New York

Originally, I wasn’t too keen on the Fitness App idea, but since it was uploaded to my corporate phone, I decided to give it ago. It turned out to be very useful and I have actually been motivated to stick with my workouts!

Customer Service Manager
New York

We weren’t ready to roll out a full-scale corporate wellness program, but decided to try the Vital Trainer App. This useful tool was a way of showing that we care about our staff, their health and their well being. This seems to have motivated them to perform better and to make time for their workouts. And this small investment has paid dividends

Head of HR

Organizing a short Tropical Trip to reward our agency’s top performers has been the best investment we’ve made in a long time! They came back having bonded as a team. By putting their competitive energy into sports and fun activities, everyone realized that they had a lot in common. And I have to say, the trip was perfectly organized; all my employees came back thrilled with the level of services Vital Management had provided. Now, a month later, our clients have been commenting on the improved creativity and great team spirit we show

Creative Director
Los Angeles

For years, we had trouble identifying the reason for a high turnover rate in our company. In spite of paying good salaries and providing nice premises, we still didn’t seem to hang onto our workers for quite as long as we’d have liked! And constant hiring and training new team members is a drain on time and money. Vital Management’s HR and corporate wellness experts have helped us identify the issues we’d overlooked. We were able to communicate better with our workers and make changes here and there to improve things for everyone. Now we are not only keeping our best and most capable staff, but are also attracting new employees and workers. Thanks Vital Management!

Managing Director

Vital Management’s corporate Fitness App is great! Our staff love it and we are now adding more services from Vital Management to our wellness program. Their team is great, and have always taken the time to get to know our company inside and out!

Head of HR
Hong Kong