Business Administration / Entrepreneurship / Professional Development / Accounting / Finance / Health & Wellness Instructors

POSITION: Openings for Business Administration / Entrepreneurship / Professional Development / Accounting / Finance / Health & Wellness Instructors

Date: Open


Number of Openings: Not Specified at time of posting

Length of Service: 150-365 Days; or TBD

Service Type: Part-time, Volunteer

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Stipend, Honorarium, Salary: To Be Determined

General Job Description:

Possessing both academic and professional credentials, business lecturers must have the appropriate experience and relevant skills to deliver programs designed for each target population outlined in the Articulation Agreement and according to the prescribed curriculum. Information must be scaled to the grade level of each participant with recommendations made for improvement.

Instruction is designed in a myriad of formats (i.e. lecture, hands-on, field trips, etc.). Each grade meets onsite 2 and/or 3 times per week while adult programs may meet more often. Forums are offered twice per month, accounting for the additional day each month. Depending on the course or skill being taught, instructors should be prepared to commit a maximum of 5 or 6 hours per week. Instructors are required to report additional availability beyond program instruction for individuals requiring assistance.

The Role:

Vital Management Inc. offers a diverse array of courses/programs to support the development of our region’s workforce, student populations and healthy lifestyles across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Programs will be offered across several Toronto locations. We are continually seeking dynamic instructors to teach in a variety of delivery areas, some of which include:

  • Administrative
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business/Management
  • Computer Programs and Software
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing

Please note: These positions are on an as-needed basis, and could include instruction for daytime, evening, or weekend course offerings.

NOTE: We welcome suggestions and ideas for improving existing offerings and implementing new courses based upon interest and need. Please contact the office at 416-785-8985, or email

Job Duties:

While maintaining a presence in the business world and classroom, a candidate must be able to utilize both professional connections and experience to create relevant interest and share opportunities within the marketplace to the extent that all parties become willing agents desiring to transact among themselves. Hence, instructors are expected to assist students and participants based on both their academic and workplace expertise.

Essential Duties:

  1. Develop and implement innovative and engaging differentiated instruction using a combination of lecture, workshop and project-based learning models that includes key assignments and the overarching culmination of mastery and knowledge-based programs aligned with the Articulation Agreement and Curriculum
  2. Collaborate with academic and professional peers in a professional learning community to create and integrate cross -curricular activities to strengthen and deepen student’s knowledge of curricular content
  3. Identify and maintain professional business and industry networks to develop an employer advisory relationship to guide curriculum development and promote work -based learning aligned to pathway content
  4. Cultivate and nurture a safe environment that promote social and emotional learning and respect among diversity of all learners
  5. Analyze data using multiple assessments to guide instructional practice based on individualized, unique needs of each student
  6. Engage with parent and community partners to increase active involvement in student learning
  7. Monitor and maintain school reports including, but not limited to attendance, assessments, grades
  8. Participate in school site professional development trainings and activities
  9. Perform other related duties as assigned
  10. Practice knowledge, rules and program policies.

Requirements for Applying:

Documents listed as ‘Required’ that apply to the company must be submitted or the “Not Applicable” box must be checked. Failure to provide the necessary documentation required to ascertain the eligibility of a company is a reason for denial. To be considered, a candidate must submit all of the following materials to

Note: Vital Management Inc. reserves the right to request additional documentation, if necessary, to determine the eligibility of your organization for approval.

  • Organizations must demonstrate a minimum of three years of service as a provider and leader in the designated area(s) of interest
  • Demonstrate ability to work with the target population based on related services
  • Provide evidence, where necessary, that professional certifications are current
  • Provide a resume or curricular vitae with a cover letter and two client references and one (1) personal reference
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • “Assumed Name” Documents, if you are applying as a Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Corporations must provide a copy of the Certificate of Organization/Existence/Formation
  • Complete a “Proposed Course Description Form” or “Proposed Service Description Form”
  • Complete Application

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.