About Us


Established by experienced corporate fitness and wellness professionals, Vital Management has made it its mission to bring exclusive Corporate Fitness services to businesses around the globe.

Our experienced Fitness, Wellness and Human Resource professionals have developed an integrated approach to individual and corporate wellness that works. Vital Management delivers comprehensive wellness solutions to corporations and businesses worldwide.

What makes us different from other Corporate Fitness providers? We understand the nature of the recent changes in the corporate environment. Stress and increased work hours take a serious toll on employees’ health and morale, thus negatively reflecting on a company’s productivity, healthcare expenses and bottom line.

Covering your employees’ gym memberships or corporate fitness classes is no longer enough. You must take a 'bigger picture' approach to your employees' well-being. And this is where we come in. Utilizing the latest health, wellness, psychological and human resource studies and data, Vital Management Inc. brings integrated corporate wellness solutions that your employees will benefit from. Our solutions won't be seen as 'just another one of management’s programs’. We make lasting changes in your corporate environment, from developing a corporate fitness program to offering the nutrition and office ergonomics advice your company needs.

Working with Fortune 500 companies and large manufacturers that employ thousands of employees, we offer exclusive solutions that are tailored specially to your company’s requirements. We take the time to study your business, corporate environment, staff habits and schedules, and recommend lasting solutions that can bring life and creativity back into your office.

We know health, and this is what makes us the best!
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